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VFA-studio s.r.o. is progressive rapidly growing company. We are following new trends in design and constructing reacting quickly on the new changes of surrounding reality. Our main task is to make your life easy and more comfortable. We provide a huge scale of services, and our specialists will consult you on any question.
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About Us

 “VFA-studio” company is a creative team of experienced designers, architects and other qualified specialists brought together to make an individual image of your interior and to implement it in the real life.

Our company provides a wide scale of services of projecting living and working interiors. Design of a flat or a shop made by our specialists is always an exclusive project developed considering to all customer’s wishes, his individuality and features of the space.

Why choose us?

If you have ever made a renovation of your house, you may know, that it is very exhausting process, which takes a lot of time and energy. The biggest problem is to make really beautiful and cozy interior in living or working quarters. If you decide to make design by your own, you will have not only to learn the techniques of color and to visit the store construction materials, but also to study the construction and engineering standards, to analyze the assortment of modern materials and furniture and to visit enormous construction markets, exhibitions and show-rooms. Moreover, you will have to learn the basics of design and engineering and spend a lot of money and time to do this.

Design for you

When we get down to business, we don’t try to assert ourselves by making experimental interiors, which look nice in printed magazines, but which are absolutely inapplicable in real life. Our hallmark is making of interiors, which are pleasant for life and work.

To avoid errors

Our mission is to design functional and stylish spaces, which reflects the customer’s identity. VFA-studio s.r.o. offers you the whole scale of services such as designing, quality renovation, decorating, full completion of interiors and further implementations of projects.


By ordering a “turnkey” design before 30.04.16 you will receive a design project for free! Or if you order only a design project, you will receive a 30% discount!  Order project right now!


Besides interior design VFA-studio company also provides such services as:

- Landscape design;
- Construction and renovation works;
- Architectonical lighting of building and structures of any complexity;
- 3D visualization, animation, making of presentations;
- Web design, SEO;
- Text translations;
- Real estate management.

Why choose us?
Rent an apartment in Prague
1-room apartments in Prague-2 on Sazavská street near the «Naměsti Miru» metro station
2-room apartments in Prague-5 on Radouňová street near «Luka» metro station
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We value our customers and we do everything to make them satisfied. Our specialists will find the most suitable approach to every customer to make further productive cooperation.


Comprehensive approach
We strive to examine all questions comprehensively and to work on different strategies of investments and work process organizing from beginning to the end.


Creative approach
We treat our activity as an art — we strive to make every project unique and remarkable, what will also attract more customers.
It is cheaper with us
When we solve the professional questions with our partners and suppliers, we get a discount for direct cooperation, and it allows us to decrease the final price for you.  


We strive to implement new technologies in construction, architectural lighting and design, what will help you decrease the upkeep and will take away any annoying problems in future.


We support ethics and mutual respect when working with customers: we tell the real prices and deadlines.
Distant work with us
Last time we are practicing not only the personal contact with customers, but also a distant work in all directions. Our specialist will contact you via skype, e-mail or phone and will discuss all the details and make the calculations. One of our main tasks is to make constant partnerships, so we are always open for any kind of mutually beneficial cooperation.
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